Indianapolis Guardianship Attorney

Are you looking to establish guardianship of a loved one? Or perhaps you are a grandparent who is seeking the temporary or permanent care of your grandchildren. No matter what situation you are facing, Megan Wells Family Law is here to help. Megan is committed to making sure you get the respectful legal guidance you need to navigate through this emotional time.

What guardianship issues can our family law practice help with?

Whether there is an amicable agreement regarding guardianship, or you need a court to make the determination, we are here to help. Megan Wells offers Indianapolis families guardianship services in the following areas:

Why is hiring a guardian in Indianapolis important?

When a parent is deemed unfit or is unwilling to care for their children, the responsibility of guardianship often falls to a family member. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you’ll want the legal power to make any important decisions for the child. At Megan Wells Family Law Office, we ensure that your children’s futures are protected. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Hire a Compassionate Family Law Attorney

As an experienced guardianship lawyer in Indianapolis, it is Megan Wells responsibility to help you negotiate agreements that keep the wellbeing of your children at the forefront. When the possible stake of your child’s futures is at play, get the compassionate legal guidance you need to help you through this tough decision. Our services work to offer representation that best serves your wishes within the limits of the law.

Nothing matters more to you than your loved ones. Explore your options and get the support you need to act in the best interests of your children. Contact us today!

Common Questions

What is the difference between guardianship and child custody?

Generally, custody is granted to a parent of the child while guardianship is granted to a non-biological parent or individual. It is possible for a child to be under the custody of a parent while being under the guardianship of another individual.

What rights do I have as a grandparent in Indiana?

Indiana law gives grandparents a right to seek guardianship, custody rights, and visitation rights.

Can I apply for guardianship without a lawyer?

While you are able to apply for legal guardianship without a lawyer, it is highly advised that you don’t. These cases hold a lot of weight as they decide the future rights of an individual. By having a lawyer assist you with the application and paperwork, you can rest assured that no pieces are being left out.

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